Federal Alliance of European Federalists

​The federal Europe​ needs you!

​It is not true that Europe cannot be changed as everyone wishes ...

  • Do you wish Europe to become a major player on the world scene like the United States, China, and others?

  • Do you wish that your country maintains its independence , its culture , its traditions , its language ?

  • Do you wish that the global problems of today, like poverty and inequalities, environmental changes, a good and peaceful future for the young and coming generations, would be faced efficiently at a higher level and on a larger scale ?

  • Do you wish that the political power remains in the hands of the citizens and for the citizens?

  • Do you wish to be a protagonist and not a mere spectator of the change and transform these “dreams” into a concrete and feasible project ?

​If you have answered yes to these questions, we tell you that you have the opportunity to do so immediately by supporting F.A.E.F, the European organization whose objective is the creation of the ''United States of Europe'' , according to a non-party political program, which relies on a broad popular consensus and the activation of the grassroots!

W​hy should you support FAEF?

 1. ​Because FAEF is the real catalyst for '' federating the federalists'' in Europe

For 200 years there have been – and still are – a lot of movements striving for a federal Europe. But they never succeeded to create a European Federation. 

Still, all presently existing movements aiming at a federal Europe, are single, decentralized unitary movements. The paradoxical lack of 'federating the federalists' is one of the causes why there is still no federal Europe. 

2. ​Because FAEF is a federation composed by different European organizations and individuals with one common purpose: the creation of the United States of Europe

​F.A.E.F. - Federal Alliance of European Federalists - is an organization with the legal identity of an Association and the organizational identity of a Federation.

​FAEF has been set up in May 2018 by its Promoting Committee , consisting of two Italian, two French and two Dutch federalists.

Each movement, association, trade union, academic institute or other different organization that accepts the Statute of the FAEF and its program of ' federating the federalists ' and educating European citizens to federali sm as instruments for the objective of establishing a Federal Europe, can be accepted as member of the FAEF with voting rights. 

The federated members don't merge and don't lose their sovereignty, autonomy and cultural identity. Instead they gain the possibility to create more critical mass and sufficient organizational power to act a lever to exchange the current intergovernmental EU system for a federal system 

People establish private and public federations to create a body that takes care of a limited set of common interests through a specific number of powers shared with the federation. This happens for instance in sport the International Olympic (IOC), probably the largest private federation in the world, consisting of 205 federal member-organizations, literally millions of individual.

3. Because the Constitution building process will be run through a democratic and professional effective path

As soon as FAEF reaches a meaningful reinforcement of its organizational degree by covering – as a Federation itself – many organizations that are striving for a federal Europe, it will organize a Citizens' Convention .

The Citizens' Convention, conducted by professionals in constitutional federal law making and with the participation of the citizens, will design an improved version of the existing draft of a strong federal European Constitution , opened by a value-driven preamble, followed by ten articles. 

This already existing draft federal European Constitution has been designed by Leo Klinkers and Herbert Tombeur in the context of their European Federalist Papers 

The draft federal Constitution will contain no more than 10 – generally binding – articles, covering only the European interest and not containing any reference to national interests of members states, as is currently the case within the Treaty of Lisbon and all of its opt-outs, nationalist-driven interests and insufficient fundamental democratic control. 

The draft federal Constitution, improved by Citizens' Convention, will be submitted to the people of Europe , reaching out to all citizens with voting rights to grant them the opportunity to ratify the draft Constitution.

4.  Because the Sovereignty rests with the people for the people

If at least nine EU-member states will ratify the Constitution, the Treaty of Lisbon in force allows, according to the 'enhanced cooperation' articles, those nine (or more) member states to enter into an 'enhanced form of cooperation'. 

In the meanwhile, a European Federation counting at least 9 countries will enter in force asking to join the EU. 

Step by step, increasing the number of states joining that federation of nine member states, is a possible and feasible process!

5.  Because the new Federal Europe needs your help !

The F.A.E.F Association budget from now to the end of 2020 - for starting the organizational works, activities and campaigns - is of 67.000 €s.


You can contribute with your donations as it follows:


  • If you support us with an amount of at least € 10, you will be contacted by our Secretariat (administration@faef.eu) and your email will be added to our newsletter, giving to you the possibility to receive information and news about our activities.
  • If you support us with an amount of at least € 50, you will be contacted by our Secretariat, added to the newsletter, plus you will be given free access to the master level of the online curriculum about federalism provided by Coöperatie SamenWereld*.


* The master course is normally provided by Coöperatie SamenWereld at a cost of €67,00 (ex.VAT).

​The F.A.E.F. Promoting ​Committee

Catherine Guibourg, France, 

Leo Klinkers, Netherlands, 

Lorenzo Sparviero, Italy, 

Michel Caillouët, France, 

Mauro Casarotto, Italy, 

Peter Hovens, Netherlands

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