Federal Alliance of European Federalists

The Association that unites European Federal and Pro-Europe Movements 

What Europe needs

The European Union has three options

  • Back to the Westphalian nation-state
  • Keeping the EU as it is now: intergovernmental administration based on a treaty
  • Establishing the United States of Europe, based on a federal constitution. That's what Europe needs.

About FAEF

What are we?

FAEF is an organization that aims to combine the forces of the various movements for establishing a federal Europe. We are a federation of federal movements and pro-Europe organisations.

Who are we?

We are volunteers with various backgrounds from different European countries.

who are our member organisations?

FAEF is a federation of organisations striving for a federal Europe

what are our values?

We want to protect values such as sovereignty, security, happiness and justice.

Our Mission

Federating the federalists

What is the problem?

There are various movements that are striving for a federal Europe. Each movement is pursuing that goal in its own way. Whether politically motivated or not. However, each movement operating individually, so without the backing of a federal system, lacks organizational strength. 

What is the solution?

Combining the forces of the individual movements must produce the necessary perseverance power. The sovereignty of each individual movement is respected. This can only be done in one way, namely by creating a federation.  

What is our method?

By reaching out to all federal movements, offering them the membership of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists.

Educating the federalists

What is the problem?

Many citizens have no idea what federalism means. Unknown makes unloved.  As long as that is not resolved, there is a lack of support for achieving a federal Europe.

What is the solution?

We have developed an educational program (Bachelor/Master) to introduce citizens to the phenomenon of federalism in an accessible way.

What is our method?

We want to cover the whole of Europe. Therefore we want to train people who can support citizens by following an educational program.


9 Lectures on a Federal Europe

Between 11 March and 13 May 2023 FAEF organises 9 lectures on a federal Europa for Canal en Noche in Circulo TV Spain.


We call on the leaders of the 14 EU member states currently in favour of the 'eurobonds' - with the support of any other like-minded EU country, to take immediate measures to establish a European Federation through the adoption of a Federal Constitution


This teleconference was held on May 16th 2020 : Making a Federal Europe - Now or Never? You can watch the video of this conference and also separately the presentation of our President Leo Klinkers.

Milan Conference

On September 18th 2018 we organized with Città Metropolitana di Milano a conference Democracy and Federalism, Let’s federate the federalists. You can watch several video's. 

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members of our Board

Manuel Galiñanes is affiliated with the Academy of Medical and Health Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Island and has worked as a basic scientist and medical doctor in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain. He is the president of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF) and a member of the Federalistes d’Esquerra (Catalonia, Spain), has participated in the Citizens’ Convention for a European Federation Constitution, and is researching and actively promoting humanitarian values and the citizens’ political participation rights. 

Manuel Galiñanes


Mauro Casarotto graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations. He actually works as in insurance consultant and a freelancer. He has been active for several years in non-profit organisations involved in culture, sports, civil rights and politics. 

Mauro Casarotto


Peter Hovens is consultant in public administration. He has studied at the university of Twente. After 17 years of working as a civil servant at the municipality of Maastricht he started his own consultancy office. In this period he also was several years employed as alderman in two different municipalities. 

Peter Hovens


Leo Klinkers, PhD, is consultant in public administration, with a background in constitutional law. He worked as  consultant for Governments and NGO's in a variety of countries. He is co-author of the European Federalist Papers and author of Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity.

Leo Klinkers

board member

She graduated in Political Science and had relevant working and living experience in different European countries where she has grown  and cultivated her appreciation for Europe.

She has been a political activist all her life, volunteering in several environmental and social bonding oriented organisations.

Martina Scaccabarozzi

board member

In the 1980s, Javier was a member of the federalists and in 1988 he was co-founder of  “Union-Europea de Mallorca”.  In 2005 Being an independent professional in Tourist Activities Javier lived in Mallorca but worked in Germany. In 2010, he became an activist and fought for a European Union of citizens. 

Javier Giner

board member

Ivan graduated in law, political science and European business, working with data applications and being involved in several political organizations related to federalism and freedom of speech. 

His main topic of interest is how new technologies can serve to develop and strengthen democratic principles within polyarchycal societies.

Ivan Gil Carretero

board member

René Graafsma is an independent management consultant working in the financial sector and the 'world of public order and safety'. As a journalist, publicist, educator and trainer, he incorporates his experiences into result-oriented projects with social value and associated media productions.

René Graafsma

board member

Supporting FAEF

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