Federal Alliance of European Federalists

Course on Federalism in 3 Steps

In collaboration with Coöperatie SamenWereld

The Federal Alliance of European Federalists aims to establish the United States of Europe through two – grassroot based - instruments: 

  • Federating the Federalists, an effort to increase the degree of organization of federal movements and pro-Europe groups by having them work together within a federal organization towards that goal, the USE.
  • Educating the Federalists, sharing basic knowledge about federalism so that federalists themselves can transfer that knowledge to the people of Europe.

The course program consists of three Levels, according to the old Guild system: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.

Those who complete the entire program receive a certificate that may not have academic significance, but will certainly become a collector's item.


The quality of the training is monitored by several members of the Promoting Committee of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists: Lorenzo Sparviero (author of the adage 'Federating the Federalists'), Michel Callouët and Leo Klinkers (Educating the Federalists). 


The tests to be submitted by the students after each part of the course are assessed by Leo Klinkers (co-author of the European Federalist Papers and author of Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity). Get acquainted with Leo Klinkers by watching the following video.

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