The Board of FAEF


Leo Klinkers

Leo Klinkers, PhD, is consultant in public administration, with a background in constitutional law. He worked as  consultant for Governments and NGO's in a variety of countries. He is co-author of the European Federalist Papers and author of Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity.


Mauro Casarotto

Mauro Casarotto graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations. He actually works as in insurance consultant and a freelancer. He has been active for several years in non-profit organisations involved in culture, sports, civil rights and politics. 


Peter Hovens

Peter Hovens is consultant in public administration. He has studied at the university of Twente. After 17 years of working as a civil servant at the municipality of Maastricht he started his own consultancy office. In this period he also was several years employed as alderman in two different municipalities. 

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Lorenzo Sparviero

After obtaining his degree in Economics and Business in 1968 and having worked at the Catholic University of Milan, Lorenzo Sparviero was employed by the Montedison group - the main Italian chemical industry - in the area of the Human Resources Development and from 1985 in the area of the European Public Affairs and Chemical Associations.

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Martina Scaccabarozzi

She graduated in Political Science and had relevant working and living experience in different European countries where she has grown  and cultivated her appreciation for Europe.
She has been a political activist all her life, volunteering in several environmental and social bonding oriented organisations.

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Javier Diner

In the 1980s, Javier was a member of the federalists and in 1988 he was co-founder of  “Union-Europea de Mallorca”.  In 2005 Being an independent professional in Tourist Activities Javier lived in Mallorca but worked in Germany. In 2010, he became an activist and fought for a European Union of citizens.