Federal Alliance of European Federalists

Article 4.

Objective and Strategy

  1. The objective of the Association is to promote the pursuit of a federal Europe, based on a democratic constitution that upholds the values and common interests of all states, regions and communities of Europe that wish to become members of the proposed European Federation.
  2. The Association shall seek to achieve this objective, inter alia, through the following strategy:
    (a) bringing together the federalist and pro-Europe organisations in an umbrella federation in order to strengthen their degree of unity, in accordance with the basic rule of federal organization: all powers that are not  vested in the board of the association remain with the acceding organizations and their members.
    (b) fully inform federalists by sharing knowledge and understanding of the conceptual and rich history of Federalism by appropriate communication initiatives and ad hoc learning programs.
    (c) The working language of the Association shall be English. In order to promote dialogue between the member and European citizens, the use of other languages is not excluded. 

Article 6.


  1. The Association shall be open to all organised groups in favour of the need to promote as soon as possible a more united, strong and democratic federal Europe.
  2. All associations, movements, parties, trade unions, academic institutes, think tanks and other organisations that accept the objective and strategy of these Statutes and the internal guidelines of FAEF may be admitted as ordinary members of the Association, while preserving their own specific cultures and ideals, objectives and means, administrations and organisational structures, without any obligation to merge with each other. 
  3. Any organisation wishing to become a member of the Association by subscribing to the objective of the Association must submit its membership application to the Board of the Association. The application must be signed by a legal representative and must contain:
    (a) a decision, approved by the General Assembly or the internal body in charge of the above mentioned organisation applying to become a member of the Association, which understands and accepts this Statute and any guidelines;
    (b) a copy of the Articles of Association and any guidelines of the organisation applying to become a member of the Association. 
  4. Any organisation, association or body established in the territory of the European Union may become a member of the Association. The Board shall assess, on a case-by-case basis, the possibility of admitting organisations, associations or other bodies resident in states, regions or territories that are not part of the European Union, and in doing so, shall assess the compatibility with the purpose of the Association, the laws of the referring states, regions or territories and the laws of the European Union. In case of refusal, the Board must provide a written document stating the reasons. 
  5. When applying for admission to the Association as a full member, the applicant organisation will have to pay the membership fee. 
  6. Membership fees and all contributions cannot be transferred to others.

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