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By Christer Lundquist

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    I am a strong proponent of equal gender representation in politics. If need be, by quota. There is ample empirical evidence for better governance in general in democracies with high female representation in political positions, and several serious publications have rated countries and shown that those with female leaders excel in several ways. My favourite quote regarding equality in state leadership is by Angela Merkel: “Best results are achieved when you use both brain halves.” (I’m paraphrasing.) Gender representation varies wildly in European states’ legislatures and executive branches. Northern and Nordic countries have come a long way.

    Before I propose an amendment about required gender representation in Article II, for example, that no gender may be represented by less than 40-45 per cent of the federal legislative and executive bodies, I would like to float the idea and ask for comments/reactions from colleagues in other states/political cultures than the Scandinavian approach I am used to. I honestly think it would be proper and in line with European values to be brave and progressive in this matter.

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