Federal Alliance of European Federalists

FAEF Book on Federalism

FAEF is preparing a book on federalism

'Europe will be federal, or will not be'

Provisional title

The goal is:

  • Explaining federalism and federal Europe to the average citizen
  • Educating the scientific aspects of federalism
  • Promoting the Federal Alliance of European Federalists

The provisional content is:

  • Leo Klinkers: What really is federalism? 
  • Andrea Bosco: Is federalism a revolution? 
  • Michel Caillouët: Bringing the values question inside European federalism
  • Leo Klinkers: Why independence is the illusion of sovereignty 
  • Andrea Bosco: United Kingdom: the path from federalism to Brexit
  • Lorenzo Sparviero: First federate the federalists
  • Peter Hovens: The dimensions and impact of a European Federation
  • Lorenzo Sparviero: Relaunching the idea of a federal Europe in Italy
  • Catherine Guibourg: France and the European federation project
  • Mauro Casarotto: No more populism, Citizenship
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