Federal Alliance of European Federalists

Monday 17th June 2019

Dear Mr. Barnier, Dear Mr. Tusk,

We - the “Federal Alliance of European Federalists” (F.A.E.F.) - believe that the European Union, through your personal action, should offer to the United Kingdom - and to the other 27 E.U. Member States - the opportunity to create finally a European Federation, based on a Constitution ratified by the European citizens; the same objective that Spinelli, Churchill and others tried to realize 70 years ago.

For this purpose, we enclose here a VIDEO APPEAL that will be put in the next days on the social media for informing the European citizens on our proposal that, we hope, it’ll become soon yours, in the interest of Europe.

We strongly believe - as Spinelli and Churchill did - that “Europe will be federal or it will not be!” 


Viva “ Federal Europe” !


Watch the message we sent to Donald Tusk and Michel Barnier

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