Listopad 13

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Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 10

Przez Leo Klinkers

Listopad 13, 2021

As of today, 13 November 2021, the Article I improved by the 55+ Group of the Citiziens’ Convention, is in the right-hand column of the ‘Process of improving the Constitution’. 

Now we begin to amend Article II – Organization of the Legislative Branch. This deals with the organisation of the European Congress, consisting of two Chambers: the House of Citizens and the Senate.

Please post amendments in the Forum dyskusyjne. The discussion will last from 13 to 27 November. In the week of 27 November to 4 December, the board summarises the result and posts it on the website.  

I wish the members of the Group 55+ much wisdom. The structure and functioning of the European Congress is at the heart of the democracy of the European Federal Union that we are creating.

Leo Klinkers
President FAEF

O autorze

Leo Klinkers, PhD, jest konsultantem w dziedzinie administracji publicznej, z doświadczeniem w prawie konstytucyjnym. Pracował jako konsultant dla rządów i organizacji pozarządowych w wielu krajach. Jest współautorem European Federalist Papers i autorem książki Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity.

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