November 13


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 10

By Leo Klinkers

November 13, 2021

As of today, 13 November 2021, the Article I improved by the 55+ Group of the Citiziens’ Convention, is in the right-hand column of the ‘Process of improving the Constitution’. 

Now we begin to amend Article II – Organization of the Legislative Branch. This deals with the organisation of the European Congress, consisting of two Chambers: the House of Citizens and the Senate.

Please post amendments in the Discussion Forum. The discussion will last from 13 to 27 November. In the week of 27 November to 4 December, the board summarises the result and posts it on the website.  

I wish the members of the Group 55+ much wisdom. The structure and functioning of the European Congress is at the heart of the democracy of the European Federal Union that we are creating.

Leo Klinkers
President FAEF

Leo Klinkers

About the author

Leo Klinkers, PhD, is consultant in public administration, with a background in constitutional law. He worked as consultant for Governments and NGO's in a variety of countries. He is co-author of the European Federalist Papers and author of Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity.

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