European monarchs as European citizens?

By Jakub Jermar

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    While thinking about the nationality-related topics in this forum I realized that having monarchies in Europe represents an interesting and strange topic for the constitution.

    In a federation, states continue to be states and don’t lose their status, so monarchies will continue to be monarchies. But since the federation is a republic made of its citizens who are also citizens of their states, does this make the European monarchs also European citizens? Or since they are not necessarily citizens of their own monarchy/European state (at least that’s what I understand), will they not be citizens of the federation either? And a weirdest question of all, can a king or queen be a republican on the European level, but a monarchist on the state level?

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    As far as I understand, the Danish royal family, including the Queen, are citizens and have citizens’ rights. And then some immunities and privileges.

    Acceding to the Federation would however require a clarification of whether or not they could be prosecuted for federal crimes.

    Mauro CasarottoMauro Casarotto

    Good point Jakub. I think that in a constitutional monarchy the monarch is consider a citizen of his/her country. But European history is so complex that may be there are different laws or customs in different countries. Can a member of the convention take it upon themselves to research the topic so that we are all properly informed on this matter? It would be greatly appreciated.

    List of monarchies in Europe:

    Andorra (Principality) ;
    Belgium ;
    Denmark ;
    Liechtenstein (Principality) ;
    Luxembourg (Principality) ;
    Monaco (Principality) ;
    Netherlands ;
    Norway ;
    Spain ;
    Sweden ;
    United Kingdom .
    Vatican City (Elective Monarchy) ;

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