Constitution fédérale

After downloading you get a document consisting of three parts:

  1. The federal Constitution for Europe, drafted by the Citizens' Convention of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists.
  2. The Explanatory Memorandum to the Preamble and the ten Articles of the Constitution.
  3. Fourteen In-depth studies on federal state formation and aspects of the federal Constitution.

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The board of FAEF wishes you an enjoyable study of this document. We hope you will support us in our endeavour to finally replace the EU Treaties with a democratic federal Constitution after two hundred years of futile attempts to make Europe a federal state. 

You can give that support in particular by signing our Petition (see below).


Support us in exchanging the weak European Union for a strong federal Europe, based on a democratic Constitution instead of the conflict-prone and ineffective treaties. Sign our petition.

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Aspects of the Citizens' Convention

Ouverture de la Convention des citoyens 2 octobre 2021

Participants à la convention des citoyens : Groupe des 55 ans et plus 

Process Teams of the Citizens' Convention


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Rapports d'activité de la Convention des citoyens