The Making of the Constitution for 'The Federated States of Europe'

Historical Founders

The main objective of FAEF is to promote the process of creating a federal Europe based on a democratic constitution instead of the current undemocratic treaties of the European Union.

That constitution was designed by the Citizens' Convention of FAEF and written as a constitution of, by and for the people. Based on the adage 'All sovereignty rests with the people'. Therefore it must be ratified by the people of Europe. Ratification of the constitution by the people is the most far-reaching form of direct democracy.

The Historical Founders will help us to reach the people of Europe by spreading the federal ideas.

Aspects of the Citizens' Convention

Opening of the Citizens' Convention 2nd October 2021

Participants of the Citizens' Convention: Group of 55+ 

Process Teams of the Citizens' Convention


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Progress Reports of the Citizens' Convention

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