October 7


Letter to Mr. Tajani

By Leo Klinkers

October 7, 2022

Mr. Antonio Tajani is President Committee Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) European Parliament.

Dear Mister Tajani,

More and more political leaders are declaring that Europe should become a federal state. But they cling to the legal basis of treaties. This is worrying. From a constitutional point of view treaties are neither democratic nor effective. Autocrats within the European Union erode its unity by non-compliance with treaties and therefore reinforce the European Union’s current identity crisis. As well as weakening its geopolitical position.

Only a federal constitution can be a democratic and effective foundation of a strong, peaceful and prosperous cooperating Europe. A few weeks ago, you received the link to The making of the Constitution for ‘The Federated States of Europe’ | Iustitia Scripta. That book contains a democratic and effective federal constitution for Europe, designed by FAEF’s own Citizens’ Convention.

I would like to put the following questions to you: 

Do you share our fears that the imminent break-up of the European Union will give autocrats the opportunities to fill the administrative vacuum that then arises? With an inevitable return to the status of the warring European nation-states of previous centuries. Do you share our view that a united Europe based on a federal constitution, if deployed in time, can prevent such a tragedy?

If you share these statements, we offer to work together to establish The Federated States of Europe.

The Federal Alliance of European Federalists is a non-political federation, operating on the adage: ‘All sovereignty rests with the people’. Therefore, we believe we owe it to the people of Europe to show that a valuable alternative is available with FAEF’s federal constitution.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you whether you share our sense of urgency and accept our offer to work together.

Kind regards,

Dr. Leo Klinkers, President Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF), www.faef.eu.

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