Presidential powers

By Manuel Galinanes

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    AvatarManuel Galinanes

    I still believe that the concentration of the executive power in one single person is not appropriate for a European Federal Union for the reason already pointed out previously.

    Now, looking to the present Article V draft, I would like to put forward the following comments for your consideration:
    (i) I would suggest to remove point 5 of Section 1. In my opinion, the President should not have the prerogative of granting amnesty and grace. Probably this is a power that should be exercised by the House of Citizens.
    (ii) Point 6 of Section 1: I think that the House of the States should be replaced by the European Congress (House of Citizens plus House of the States).
    (iii) Point 7 of Section 1: If we are looking for a complete separation of powers (legislative, judiciary and executive), the judges should be appointed by the the judges themselves according to criteria of suitability and appropriate representation from all the States. In no case should the executive have influence in the selection of judges.


    Some very valid points! In Canada there is a federal Parole Board which can grant clemency and pardon. Perhaps this is more in line with getting rid of the vestiges of royal pardon.

    AvatarHerbert Tombeur

    I fully agree with the amendments from Manuel Galinanes. I add that the first point of Section 1 is vague and moreover not appropriate in a constitution – to be deleted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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