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    The draft constitution does not mention an independent federal institution (aka Ombudsman) to oversee lawful implementation of the laws passed and handle complaints against federal authorities.
    This indirectly implies a system like the US where this is primarily a responsibility of the parliament members at their own discretion. I consider this a step back from the concept of an independent ombudsman like in many European countries and in the EU, which can handle cases referred to them and take up cases of their own accord.

    So, I think we should discuss whether or not an ombudsman should exist at the federal level – and the powers of it.

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    EN: In the case of Spain it would be very necessary to have a European Ombudsman because the Spanish Ombudsman has limited powers with Article 33 of LAW 2/1979 (3 October) Constitutional Court, which says: «The appeal of unconstitutionality will be formulated within a period of three months from the publication of the Law», with this article all unjust laws, prior to the approval of the Spanish Constitution, were protected, and also with this article the current discriminatory laws are protected, unconstitutional and therefore unjust.

    ES: En el caso de España sería muy necesario tener un Defensor del Pueblo Europeo porque el Defensor del Pueblo Español tiene limitadas sus competencias con el articulo 33 de la LEY 2/1979 (3 octubre) Tribunal Constitucional, que dice: «El recurso de inconstitucionalidad se formulará dentro del plazo de tres meses a partir de la publicación de la Ley», con este articulo se protegieron todas las leyes injustas, anteriores a la aprobación de la Constitución española, y también con este articulo se protegen las actuales leyes discriminatorias, anticonstitucionales y, por lo tanto, injustas.


    The Danish Constitution specifies it like this: “Statutory provision shall be made for the appointment by the Folketing of one or two persons, who
    shall not be Members of the Folketing, to supervise the civil and military administration of the State.”

    For the federation, we could adapt something formulated in a similar fashion.

    “The European Congress appoints through law one or two persons, who shall not be members of Congress, to supervise the civil and military administration of the European Federation.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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