October 23


By Leo Klinkers

October 23, 2021

Dear members of the Citizens’ Convention, and those who – as a non-member – follow our process by receiving our Progress Reports,

I am pleased to present Progress Report 6. It contains the following topics

The Preamble
Here is the link to the amended Preamble. If you open the link, you will see the original Preamble on the left and the amended version on the right.

It is the result of consultation and discussion between twelve members of the Group 55+: scholars, federalists, and pro-Europe activists. To paraphrase a Winston Churchill quote: “Never have so few meant so much to Europe.” The improvements concern not only the Preamble itself, but also the Explanatory Memorandum. Together they form the soul of the federal constitution.

In principle, this concludes the approach to the Preamble. But it is conceivable that, during the amendment of the ten articles that still follow, the need will arise to take another look at the Preamble. The Board will record this – also in case articles that have already been improved still require amendment. We will present the harvest of these possible additional amendments to the members of the Citizens’ Convention at the end of the entire process (end of May 2022). At that time, the final improvement will take place.

Article I – The Federation and the Bill of Rights
Today, 23 October, we start the process of amending Article I. We do it the same way again. The first two weeks (23/10-6/11) will be spent on the amendment itself. The third week (6/11-13/11) is for the Board to finalise the result of those improvements. 

Article I is the most fundamental article after the Preamble. It marks the vertical separation of powers creating shared sovereignty between the states and the federal authority. For a good understanding of this core concept of a federal state – being the opposite of the treaty-based intergovernmental operating system of the EU – please refer to sections 5.4.1-5.4.4 of the Constitutional and Institutional Toolkit for Establishing the federal United States of Europe.

The Architecture of our process in an organisational framework
On Friday 29 October from 8 until 9 PM (CET), we invite the members of the 55+ Group to a joint online discussion on our challenging process. We will look back on the past three weeks, the amendment of the Preamble, but also look ahead, at the process that is to follow, and which must ultimately lead to a federal Europe. 

In a few days’ time, you will receive the link with which you can participate in this meeting.

The provisional agenda is:
a) Considerations over the work done for the Preamble
b) Architecture of the ratification Process 
c) Dissemination of the Citizens’ Convention initiative 

We will be pleased to meet a large number of members of the Group 55+.

Dr. Leo Klinkers
President FAEF

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