List of proposed amendments to the Preamble (with Cristina Fasone)

By Giuseppe Martinico

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    AvatarGiuseppe Martinico

    Yesterday we submitted some amendments. The amendments and recommendations have been agreed between myself, Prof. Giuseppe Martinico, and my colleague and friend Prof. Cristina Fasone and are intended as jointly submitted:

    Rephrase: cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and sciences

    Replace “humanity” with “human dignity”

    Rephrase: “the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe, including the considerations and desires of European philosophers – and of European political leaders after World War II – to unite Europe in a federation”

    replace “federal body” with “federal entity”

    Rephrase the last part with the following “right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order if no other remedy
    is available”. Taken from the German basic law.

    General Comment
    there can’t be an identity between the federal level of government and its democratically elected institution


    Giuseppe Martinico also on behalf of Cristina Fasone

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