octombrie 25


By Leo Klinkers

octombrie 25, 2021

Amending Article 1 – The Federation and the Bill of Rights

Since last Saturday we have started to improve Article 1. In the phase of amending the Preamble and its Explanatory Memorandum, 14 members of Group 55+ have participated. We are very curious to know how many members will feel challenged to improve Article I. 

Professor Cristina Fasone and Professor Giuseppe Martinico have already posted some modifications of that Article in the Discussion Forum, triggering response from Jakub Jermar. I have been informed that an addition will be proposed that links a federal Europe to a world federation. 

This Article I is in our view the most important subject after the Preamble. So, it requires maximum attention. 

We will process the amendments to the text of the article and its explanatory statement and make them visible in a forthcoming Progress Report coming weekend. After that, there will be another week for further discussion, after which the board will finalise this phase in the third week. 

Online meeting Friday 29 October from 8 – 9 PM (CET)

Members of the Group 55+ get the ZOOM link by email for participation in the online meeting next Friday 29 October. At 8 PM (CET) I will be happy to welcome you. Not all members of the Group 55+ will be able to attend the meeting. Therefore, we will record the meeting and put it on the website. 

The agenda is:
a) Considerations over the work done for the Preamble.
b) Architecture of the ratification process: see the attachment.
c) Dissemination of the Citizens’ Convention initiative. 

The attachment of b) deserves your careful consideration. Anyone, especially those unable to participate, is free to submit questions before Friday: citizensconvention@faef.eu.

Dr. Leo Klinkers
President FAEF

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