14 januari

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Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 18

Door Leo Klinkers

januari 14, 2022

Dear Members of the Citizens’ Convention,

The Discussion Forum is open for submitting proposals to improve Article IV – Organization of the Executive Branch.

The improved Articles II and III have been incorporated into the constitution, but it is possible that next week a further amendment will be proposed by some of the members who still need some time. 

Because of some delays in dealing with Articles II and III, and the need to also look at improvements to Articles V and VII, a revised timetable now follows. 

Article IV:      15 January – 5 February.
Article VII:     19 March – 9 April.
Article VIII:    9 April – 30 April.
Article IX:      30 April – 21 May.
Article X:       21 May – 11 June.

I would like to reiterate that all corrected articles are provisional. When we have completed all the articles, we will take another good look at the overall result together, perhaps make some improvements, try to have the English text improved linguistically and then come up with a plan to present this federal constitution to the people of Europe.

Namens de Raad van Bestuur,
Leo Klinkers, voorzitter 

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