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Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 26

By Leo Klinkers

balandžio 3, 2022

Final version of the federal Constitution

Dear members of the Citizens’ Convention,

The Board of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists is pleased to present the final version of our federal Constitution for Europe. For six months, members of the Convention have been proposing improvements to a ten-article Constitution. We are proud of the result. 

This peculiar peer review by fruitful discussions in the Discussion Forum have resolved questions of principle and practice. Only one issue remains: the name of our European federation.

We began in October 2021 with the ‘United States of Europe’. But that soon changed to the ‘European Federal Union’. However, that name got competition from the ‘Federal European Union’. And a third popped up recently: ‘Federation Europe’, explicitly avoiding confusing by leaving out the words ‘European Union’.

Now it is time to choose. A choice we put to you, the members of the Citizens’ Convention. So, the options are:

The Citizens’ Convention counts 70 participants. We consider the vote valid if at least 36 participants cast a vote. The option with the most votes wins. 

Please send your vote before Wednesday 6 April to  

We are currently preparing a Europe-wide Petition to draw attention to the Constitution. You will receive more information about this shortly.

At the same time, we are trying to find persons in our federalist friends’ circles who are prepared to translate the English version of the Constitution into their national languages. At least in German, French, Italian and Spanish. But preferably also in other languages. We can provide a primary translation of our Constitution in any European language, after which a native speaker can synchronize that version with the English version. Do you know someone who could do this? Please let us know at

In the meantime, we thank you for attending and contributing to the Convention. 

On behalf of the board
Leo Klinkers, President

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