Federal Alliance of European Federalists

Joining FAEF

Joining FAEF requires a clear procedure. In order to understand fully the principles involved, we like to explain these in the context of a metaphor. 

The Principles

The Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF) is the first federalist-orientated organization since WWII that is striving for establishing a Federation of federalist movements under the adage of Federating the Federalists. At present, existing federalist movements are single (decentralized) unitarian organizations. Operating separately. Like separate football clubs. 


However, football clubs understood already many years ago that they have common interests which they cannot take care of individually. Thus, they created in each country a national Bond. The 54 national Bonds throughout Europe created together the continental UEFA, and this UEFA created together with other continental Bonds the global FIFA. Thus, the world of football became one of the strongest federal organizations in the world. All clubs remain sovereign and autonomous, keeping their own cultural identity, but sharing the luxury of having a federal organ taking care of common interests that an individual club cannot take care of.


Throughout the years the many single (decentralized) unitarian federalist organizations in Europe did not understand that the true nature of federalism urged them to close ranks in the form of a Federation of Federalist Movements. Due to this lack of organizational strength the ideal of a Federal Europe did not move an inch towards that goal. So, that is why the Federal Alliance of European Federalists was established in Milan (Italy) in May 2018, striving for Federating the Federalists.


A federation is built by organizations (when talking about private federations as the world of football clubs) or countries/states (when we are talking about the public order). Each organization remains sovereign, autonomous, enjoying its own cultural identity. The federal organ takes care of their common interests. In this context the common interests are: striving for the ultimate goal – the United States of Europe – based on a Federal Constitution. The members of the FAEF, being federalist and pro-European organizations, are represented in a General Assembly by one representative of each organization.

The Procedure

A Federal organisation which like FAEF’s striving for Federating the Federalist in order to build up organizational strength to establish the United States of Europe will be contacted by a FAEF-representative to discuss if both parties share the same goals and values. If the General Assembly or the internal institution in power of this organisation will decide to join FAEF, a formal request will be sent to the Board of the FAEF and, if confirmed, from that moment, it will be considered member of FAEF, working jointly with all other organisations that took the same historic decision. 

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