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Rispondi a: Ranked voting in presidential elections

Da Lars Næsbye Christensen


Thank you for the kind words, mr. Tombeur.

I would like to add to my endorsement that under ranked voting it is still very possible to vote in the traditional way: just put one ‘X’ in the box next to the favourite candidate.

This means that the voter prefers this candidate over all the others, and does not wish to rank them. It is the same as putting a ‘1’ in the box and not specifying numbers 2 and higher.

It is also possible to make a negative vote: when the voter is strongly against one candidate and would prefer anyone else: they put ‘X’ in all the other boxes. Again this is the same as putting a ‘1’ in those boxes.

This means: “I rank this candidate lowest, and I do this by ranking all the rest higher’. No other ranking between the rest.

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