május 19


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 29

By Leo Klinkers

május 19, 2022

Dear Member,

We have something to celebrate. We are ready to launch our joint product: ‘The Making of the Constitution for The Federated States of Europe’

The launch is by means of the enclosed Petíció. You, the members of the Citizens’ Convention are the first to whom we present the Petition. With the request to sign and forward it as widely as possible.

You will see the link to our book at the end of the Petition. Click on it and enjoy the work we have done together. In the two hundred years of attempts to federate Europe, this has not been done before. Neither in its methodology nor in its content. 

Let the people of Europe know that the time has come to replace the EU-treaties by our democratic federal Constitution: ‘All sovereignty rests with the people’. 

If you initiate signing and forwarding this Petition within your own circles and social media, we will start after a few days distributing the Petition on a large scale. Our marketing agency Digipa (Milan) takes care of the distribution via social media at large. Europe Today Magazine does the same among its followers. We are sending a Press Release to several dozen News Papers. By the way: this Press Release is enclosed so that you can also distribute it. We will inform the institutions of the European Union, think tanks, scientific institutions, Europe-related NGOs, etc. about this Petition. 

Finally, this. We are in the process of getting a publisher interested in publishing our entire product as a book. I will keep you informed of our progress.

For questions contact administration@faef.eu

On behalf of the Board,
Leo Klinkers, President

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