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By Leo Klinkers

listopad 1, 2021

01 October 2021

The opening of FAEF’s Citizens’ Convention 

After three months of preparation, the Citizens’ Convention will be officially opened tomorrow, 2 October 2021. This will be done with a video message from FAEF’s President, Dr. Leo Klinkers. You can watch the video tomorrow from 09.00 AM (CET). 

The provisional list of members of the Citizens’ Convention: the 55+ Group

The provisional list of scientists and federalists who have registered as members of the Convention will also be published tomorrow. The list is provisional because registration for membership is open until the end of October. 

The procedure within the Discussion Forum

Finally, the procedure for working within the Discussion Forum is from tomorrow  available on the website.

Handling the information about the Convention on

  1. Click on “Citizens’ Convention” on the homepage.
  2. Click on ‘Learn more’
  3. See the Contents of that page:
  • Call for Participation in our Citizens’ Convention
  • Registration to take part in our Citizens’ Convention
  • Donate to help us organizing the Convention
  • Follow the process of improving the Constitution. On that page you will find the current draft of our federal constitution as well as the amendments that will be submitted between October 2021 and the end of May 2022. 
  • Progress Reports of the Citizens’ Convention.
  • Video messages about the Citizens’ Convention
  • Provisional list of the core of the Convention: the Group of 55+
  • The Discussion Forum
  • The 2 October 2021 video of FAEF’s President

Distribution of Progress Report 3

Anyone is free to distribute this Progress Report 3. Preferably, also among federalists from countries that are not yet on the Provisional List of Participants in the Citizens’ Convention.

With kind regards,

Dr. Leo Klinkers
President Federal Alliance of European Federalists

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