Reply To: Citizenship instead of nationality

By Lars Næsbye Christensen


I agree with your overall presentation and definition, Jakub.

It still does not change my mind with regards to what is a nation in Westphalian sense and how forming a federation will lead to an overall reduction in the number of nations as represented in the United Nations. Multiple entities remain states with states rights and duties, but one nation is formed with the power to sign treaties that nations can be parties to.

If I am wrong, and we seek a dual, parallel representation like the current EU member states have – with the member states as full members and the federation as an observer or other limited ambassador – I am afraid we will not build a federation that is capable of handling the issues facing us much better than the EU does.

Then might we as well not go over to the CoFoE forums and chip away at the treaties of the EU, arguing in favour of transnational party lists and similar?

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