Reply To: Citizenship instead of nationality

By Lars Næsbye Christensen


In that case there is a surprising premise for this whole federal constitution I did not know, and which I must have been overlooking. If the current nation states are to remain nation states under international law, then how can we get out of the intragovermental swamp the EU is in and which – as I understand it – has been the foundation for the whole idea of a federation. Where is the gain if the federation does not become an actual nation?

Flags and monarchies will not need to change, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, UK etc. can have their heads of state as before. But there is a difference between state and nation. North Dakota is a state in the federal nation USA, Hesse is a state (Land) in the federal nation Germany, Victoria is a state in the federal nation Australia.

The states remain, but they pool their collective nationhood in the European Federal Union.

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