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By Herbert Tombeur

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AvatarHerbert Tombeur

Reg.: Article III, Section 2. Considering now the continuance of the Member States and of the so called European Union, the competences of the European Federation (EF) should have their specific added value. Thus, competences on its (sub-)continental level. Consequently, I put the following policy domains forward, in which the EF would regulate, implement and enforce its rules throughout the Federation:

1. Economy
a/ industrial product standards,
b/ technology and telecommunication standards, fighting cyber crimes included,
c/ nuclear energy,
d/ transport of goods and its infrastructure,
e/ banking activities and bankruptcy.
2. Environment protection and
a/ air quality
b/ sea water.
3. Health
a/ professional disease and labour accidents,
b/ new virus epidemics.
4. Research and development
a/ studies & projects in business and in high schools, regarding industrial production, environment and health (see above),
b/ such study & project implementation, until market production starts.
5. Justice
a/ an office of federal investigation and custody,
b/ an intelligence service for federal matters.
6. Foreign Affairs
a/ immigration from abroad, in cooperation with the Member States,
b/ approval of international agreements according the law of nations (treaties),
c/ a European defence force.
7. Finances and expenses in balance (equilibrium) – no deficit spending
a/ coining the federal currency, its value and its protection against counterfeiting,
b/ imposing and collecting taxes and excises on business, equally and in accordance with the stipulations of this Section, par. 1, 2 & 3.
c/ lending money to banks, institutions or business according to the same stipulations.

This simple post, hoping to restart the consultations and our deliberation at the FAEF-level, next weeks.

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