Reply To: Dynamic sizing of the House of Citizens

By Herbert Tombeur

AvatarHerbert Tombeur

First, I do oppose any amendment to Section 1, 1. which would stipulate the number of this House based on the total EF-population number or on similar criteria. I emphasise that both Houses should have a number of members which would guarantee their best functioning. Therefore, I propose a number of no more than ca. 300 members for each House. Mankind is a biological species whose brain charging capacity is limited. E.g. men cannot debate effectively with more than ten persons at the same time, probably less (cf. this old bestseller: Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point – How little Things can make a big Difference, 2000).

Second, I join Mauro: a virtual party is only another form of political party organisation, which would equally undermine democracy, that is individual opinion making, debating and voting.

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