Reply To: Dynamic sizing of the House of Citizens

By Manuel Galinanes

AvatarManuel Galinanes

The number of members in each chamber is important and I would suggest the following:
(i) House of Citizens: Election of one member per 1.5 million people. In this way, each elected member will represent a his/her own constituency. If a country have less than 1.5 million people (eg, Malta) then it may be allocated 1 member.
(ii) House of States: I do not know from where has been derived the number of 8 representatives per State. The fix number of members per State will give more representative weight to the smaller countries and will produce an unjust imbalance. I would suggest that each State can have a member per 3 million people. Again, countries with less than 3 million population will have the right to have a member.

A large number of members in each House does not ensure better functioning. In addition, there is an economic element that will need to be taken into account.

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