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By Ramon Maynou

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EN: Giuseppe: the text that I indicate is ambiguous enough even for the Unconditional Basic Income to be € 0 per month. Because neither quantity to be distributed is indicated. This proposal was presented in Switzerland as a referendum, and the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly recommended that the population and the cantons vote against it. ( http://www.fedlex.admin.ch/eli/fga/2015/2197/fr )
They also made an active advertising campaign against the Basic Income.
You can read in my book on Basic Income (excuse me, but it is in Spanish) that most organizations are against the Unconditional Basic Income, they do not want or are not interested in ending poverty, because there are many organizations that live off poverty. distribution of aid. Said aid would be replaced by the Unconditional Basic Income.
Jakub Jermar: The Unconditional Basic Income is considered by its defenders as a human right. ( http://www.ohchr.org/SP/NewsEvents/Pages/UniversalBasicIncomeReport.aspx )
And if you consider that we should not put it in the constitution, I believe that we should not cite any human rights treaty either because there will be people (Muslims more and more numerous in Europe) who will not like the inclusion of human rights. And regarding the Basic Income being the subject of political debate, due to the experience with Spanish politicians, no party has presented a proposal to experiment with the Basic Income. No Spanish politician has been interested in Basic Income, because the lobbis that rule the parties are not interested in ending poverty.

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