February 27


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 23

By Leo Klinkers

February 27, 2022

Dear friends of the Citizens’ Convention,

The third and final week of proposing amendments of Article V has begun. Due to alterations in previous articles and other comments in the process of our work Article V has been altered in several ways. Please click here to see the provisional result. Members can until Tuesday 2 March put other proposals in the Discussion Forum. On Friday 4 March the Board closes the discussion on Article V and opens the discussion on Article VI on Saturday 5 March.

I would also like to refer to a recent article: ‘What caused EU’s political irrelevance in the Ukraine drama?’ : https://www.europe-today.eu/2022/02/27/what-caused-eus-geopolitical-irrelevance-in-the-ukrainian-drama/. Forwarding this article to your relations and social media is appreciated.

On behalf of the Board,
Leo Klinkers
President FAEF

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