November 29


By Rene Graafsma

November 29, 2021

In the Netherlands I work as a journalist and publicist. In addition, I am active as an organizational consultant, mainly in financial services.  

With a passion and dedication: in everything I do I see that it can rub between the worlds of people and the system worlds of organizations. Organisations from small to large, from families to the whole of europe.  The world of (policy) agreements, rules and systems does not sufficiently  connect  with the world of practice, implementation and real ‘ordinary’ life. That lack of a good connection causes discomfort and misery, there are – often not just like that – unbridgeable gaps.

Communication is the magic word. Focusing all efforts on building a dialogue, wanting to understand each other and mutual respect, is the beginning of a solution. The basis is the will to share life with each other. 

We can’t do without systems. It is nice that there are traffic rules and that traffic lights keep the intersections safe. But unfortunately, sometimes systems fail and become the boss above all else. The lives of smaller units are suffocated by the occupation drive of the suddenly all-determining bossy larger system. Such as today’s Europe, which, as an administrative and political organisation, no longer corresponds to the reality of everyday life. 

I am different from my neighbor and that is also possible, we both have our own house. I’m for that one football club, my neighbour doesn’t like football at all. ‘We agree to disagree’. We are not bothered by each other and if there is something we help each other, there is respect. And so there is also the daily work, focused on efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. ‘What you see is what you get’.  It is about  human and people-oriented  cooperation in which we make the best possible use of the right tools and not  of all dominant systems. Mutual trust gives the space to share responsibility with each other and to be able to grow together.

It is a privilege to be able to use the experiences and expertise, as the pivot of the Communication and Outreach Team, for the Federal Alliance of European Federalists to restore the right to become and be who we are together, ourselves. We are going to build a network that will automatically expand to ultimately achieve the goal that conversations take place, best practices are shared and results are achieved. We’re going to have fun. If you want to be fast then you have to do things alone, if you want to get far then you have to do it together.  The human dimension as  a dot on the horizon, …… we’re going to get there together. 

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