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Commitment Javier Giner

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September 26, 2021

Union Europea de Mallorca  (UEM)
In the last century, specifically in 1988, when Spain was about to join the EU, I had the honor of participating in the founding of an association called UEM (Union Europea de Mallorca). We have worked in the association with ups and downs but always following the most important objective that we set for ourselves, which was the achievement of the United States of Europe with a Federal Constitution.

Over the years, as a result of my professional obligations, I had the opportunity to travel around Europe and make friends with many pro-Europe groups and associations that all had a common goal, which was to fight for a Europe of citizens. Some of these groups are called Federalists but they do not work properly for a European Federation

When I discovered these federalist groups, I became a member of one of them and I have constantly changed from one group to another following the trend that is more in line with the main objective of UEM. In other words, the achievement of the United States of Europe with a Federal Constitution.

In this way, 30 years have passed and I never found a Federation of Associations that would allow delegating the task of creating the United States of Europe with a Federal Constitution. However, in the year 2020, I met the FAEF (Federation Alliance of European Federalists) and the UEM was admitted as the first member of the FAEF Federation

Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF)                                                                                                   

It is a not-for-profit association with the organisational identity of a federation.

The objective of the Association is to promote the pursuit of a federal Europe, based on a democratic constitution that upholds the values and common interests of all states, regions and communities of Europe that wish to become members of the proposed European Federation.

The Association shall seek to achieve this objective, through the following strategy:

(a) bringing together the federalist and pro-Europe organisations in an umbrella federation in order to strengthen their degree of unity, in accordance with the basic rule of federal organization: all powers that are not vested in the board of the association remain with the acceding organizations and their members.

(b) fully inform federalists by sharing knowledge and understanding of the conceptual and rich history of Federalism by appropriate communication initiatives and ad hoc learning programs.


  1. The Association shall be open to all organised groups in favour of the need to promote as soon as possible a more united, strong and democratic federal Europe.
  2. All associations, movements, parties, trade unions, academic institutes, think tanks and other organisations that accept the objective and strategy of these Statutes and the internal guidelines of FAEF may be admitted as ordinary members of the Association, while preserving their own specific cultures and ideals, objectives and means, administrations and organisational structures, without any obligation to merge with each other

In the UEM we have worked a lot in the past but never before have we had the vision so clear as now that with FAEF we will achieve in the near future the founding of the United States of Europe with a Federal Constitution.

Therefore we call on other sister associations to join our FAEF federation in order to be stronger and achieve the goal of a Federal Constitution that will allow the establishment of the United States of Europe.

Today, October 2, with the official opening of the Convention we are making history so that the citizens of Europe can finally have democracy in their municipalities, in their regions and in their respective States, yielding to the Federation only the sovereignty of the issues that citizens in their respective communities cannot carry out.

Javier Giner

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