March 18


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 25

By Leo Klinkers

March 18, 2022

Finalizing the peer review of our federal Constitution

Dear friends of the Citizens’ Convention,

Much earlier than expected, we are able to complete the amendment of the draft federal constitution of 2012-2013 (written at the time by Leo Klinkers and Herbert Tombeur) by 31 March 2022. It has been an extremely successful six-months peer review. 

At the moment, a small group of eight people is once again screening the text for typos, unnecessary repetitions, and minor improvements. 

The board is now working on a programme to make our product – a unique document with a preamble and an explanatory memorandum – known to the people of Europe. In the course of April. 

However, there is still room for improvement. Article VI is finalized and can now be viewed on the website. Articles VII, VIII, IX and X have already been improved by the Board based on suggestions from members of the Citizens’ Convention during earlier amendments. However, they are now also on the website and can be improved between now and 31 March. We will then process them immediately so that our document will be ready for presentation to the people from 1 April on.

The following Progress Report contains all the information on how we make this constitution known to the people of Europe. 

Kind regards,
On behalf of the board
Leo Klinkers

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