February 20


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 22

By Leo Klinkers

February 20, 2022

Reaching out our interim result: Operation ‘Federal European Constitution’

Dear friends of the Citizens’ Convention,

Our intermediate result, the improvement of the Preamble and Articles I – IV, is ready. It is a 57-page document of which we can be proud. However, it is still provisional. Only in June will we be able to see the overall result. That will make it possible to shorten the text of the Explanatory Memorandum.  

Visit our website to get access to the interim result. You will see the document to be downloaded and a form that volunteers can fill out if they want to support us.

We will be forwarding it in the next few days to several thousand organisations and individuals. 

It is very much appreciated if you, as members of the Citizens’ Convention, would help spread this message widely. Post it in your social media, forward it to personal contacts, involve the mainstream press if possible. 

While others in Europe are watching our work, we will continue to improve Article V of our draft federal constitution for Europe. And then VI – X.

On behalf of the board,
Leo Klinkers, President

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