February 12


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 21

By Leo Klinkers

February 12, 2022

Dear participants of the Citizens’ Convention,

With this Progress Report 21 I am informing you of the following.

1. Reaching out to the outside world
As announced with Progress Report 20, we have suspended the process of improving the Federal Constitution for a fortnight. We are so satisfied with the result of the improvement of the Preamble and Articles I to IV that we want to share it with the outside world. The Board has processed that result and submitted it to the company that regularly provides FAEF with professional design of our work. It will be ready around 19 February. Then we will distribute it, not only to the members of our Convention, but also to over 3000 organisations and individuals. And to the thousands of interested people who follow us through the social media. We sincerely hope that the result you will receive next week will motivate you to continue our amendment process. That is what the next point is about.

2. Article V – Powers and tasks of the President
Starting this weekend, 12 February, we continue the amendment of the constitution with Article V. Since improvements to previous articles have already led to proposals for improvements to Article V, we will show below – see the link in point 5 – what that Article V looks like now. So, it contains in bold words already proposed adjustments to that Article. Take this as a basis for further proposals for adjustment.

3. Adjusted timetable
As the amendment process has been suspended for a fortnight, the new timetable is as follows.

Article V    – 12 February – 5 March
Article VI   – 5 March – 26 March
Article VII  – 26 March – 15 April
Article VIII – 15 April – 7 May
Article IX   – 7 May – 28 May
Article X    –  28 May – 19 June

4. From June onwards
It is the board’s aim to fine-tune the whole package from front to back in June. Superfluous texts will be removed, typos will be corrected, the last substantial improvements will be made. From July 2022 onwards, we will concentrate on informing the citizens of Europe so that we can involve them in the process of ratifying the constitution in a principled and structured way.

5. The present version of Article V as the version to improve

This is the current version of Article V.

On behalf of FAEF Board
Leo Klinkers

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