January 28


Citizens’ Convention Progress Report 20

By Leo Klinkers

January 28, 2022

Suspension of the Amendment Process

Dear members of the Citizens’ Convention,

While some members of the Citizens’ Convention, together with the FAEF Board, are in the process of fine-tuning Articles I, II, III and IV we submit the following announcement to the Citizens’ Convention.

We have decided to show the result achieved so far to the outside world. We want to give various individuals and groups a glimpse into the progress of our work: the writing of a democratic federal constitution for Europe. 

We are proud that as a counterweight to the EU Conference on the Future of Europe – which is intended to strengthen the EU’s treaty-based system – we can show a) that for a prosperous and secure Europe you need a federal constitution and b) how we are making it. We thank the members of the Group 55+ for their enthusiastic and expert input and hope that they will continue this difficult but important work up to and including Article X. 

We make a nice tableau of the Preamble and Articles I – IV. Only the constitutional text. For the Explanatory Memorandum readers can click on a link on the website.

We are going to send this interim result to federalist movements and pro-European organisations, to specific people in the EU system, to mainstream and social media, to the EU Conference on the Future of Europe and maybe to others who you think we should inform. 

Of course, we will also send it as a Progress Report to you, the members of the Citizens’ Convention. We hope you will spread it further within your own circles. In the meantime, we welcome your suggestions for making this interim message to the outside world a success.

Please give us until mid-February to set up and send out this project properly. After that, we will proceed with the amendment of Article V. 

On behalf of the board,
Leo Klinkers

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