Federal Citizens Alert

The Hague, 25 July 2020

The 4-day EU summit in July 2020, despite the undeniable positive result achieved, once again exposed how vulnerable the EU is in times of crisis: each country fights for its own interests and not for the common and shared European ones. This type of decision-making provides a momentary and fleeting calm until the next crisis aggravates conflicts within the EU, reinforcing exit motives.

This would not happen in a federal Europe. The essence of a federal Union is that the member states remain sovereign but entrust the care of a limited set of common interests, enshrined in a Constitution, to a federal body. In this way, a fiscal union can be established whose income could be used to effectively solve serious financial problems, to deal with pandemics, climate changes, migrants’ crisis, common foreign policy / defense system, the common currency. All problems that cannot be solved by single national states.

If the EU disintegrates, we’d be back in nation-state anarchy, the source of many centuries of conflicts and wars on the European continent. This can only be prevented by establishing the federal United States of Europe. This enterprise has been tried many times since 1800. But always failed.

Citizens who want a real united Europe must take responsibility. How? By becoming a member of a federal movement and, within that movement, influencing the Board / General Assembly to register its movement as a member of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists. This federation creates strength and authority for a process of change: exchanging the dissolving intergovernmental Lisbon Treaty for a uniting Federal Constitution, through a real bottom-up operating Citizens’ Convention.

Join one of the federal movements and pave the way to registering your movement within FAEF because only by “federating the federalists” we can reach this historical objective.

Sincerely yours,

The Board of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (www.faef.eu)

Leo Klinkers (Netherlands), President
Mauro Casarotto (Italy), Secretary
Peter Hovens (Netherlands), Treasurer
Lorenzo Sparviero (Italy)
Martina Scaccabarozzi (Italy)
Javier Giner (Spain)

Leo Klinkers

  • Javier Giner says:

    EU Federal Constitution
    the federal constitution for the EU is coming up… don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the promoters to be the first. Making history…!!!

    • We need a THINK TANK with everyone on the same level able to bring POSITIVE AND NEW IDEAS. Positive i.e. no apocalypters or the end is at hand we’re all doomed etc! And new brand new ideas. Not aping American History.

      • Javier Giner says:

        Frankie, We are still in time to modify the way forward. We simply have the draft of the Federal Constitution but there will be a Convention of citizens who can modify, complete or improve the draft constitution. We count on you .. !!

  • Hugh Waldock says:

    Remember this debate is now about the future of Europe not the UK and we need the hearts and minds of millions of Germans like my friends in Wuppertal from my student flat. Some of those guys were unjustly given a place at Hauptschule when they deserved a place at Gymnasium. They fought their way into uni and failed their first attempt at a BA in business and got a Social Work degree as a Kindergarten Teacher. They are German Turkish 3rd generation. He’s a nice guy Abdul he really is. Mark who left school at 14 Gymnasium by the way St Anna School in Wuppertal. He saw no point in learning medieval German like me he just wanted a great looking girlfriend. He was punished for that too, he got into gangs and hip hop, he spent a month inside on remand and was acquitted. He never wanted to go back inside and we helped him into a marriage. I was in inspiration and true friend to him and he’s the only friend ever to invite me to his wedding. He works as a live in carer for adults with learning difficulties for the Troxler foundation. He has a young son Henri and had a first middle class holiday to Crete the other year. He has issues with the state and may have been lost form the hard left to har right. Inga who was the brightest student in the world for the first two weeks of every course she did and she just lacked concentration so much she failed every school exam at every level and became an actress. She’s the kind of person that we might win for Europe and she’s brilliant at wining hearts and minds. Having worked for Strombergs theatre Tic as a lead role and Wuppertaler Bühnen for years. Axel who left school at 14 and did night school Abitur and community service together and passed with the best mark of all his friends with a 1.6 and a 1.0 in maths. A genius that nearly fell through the net and was lost to crime. We need them not just us. If we win them we will win! it’s not impossible you need people who are knowledgable about Wuppertalers and Halle an der Saale and Chorweiler like my ex girlfriend and Jewish refugee Marina Gorelik who lived there. Marchaut was good with these things like me you need more of them. Also Helene possibly and leave Casale on the media he’s great at that! Do take a look at my website especially my blog. Casale is good with people like my mum and Vince Cable and less good with Abdul and Mark. I’m okay at both. But I’m good with the street stuff it’s just not my family background. I just liked them as a student. I’m traditionally middle class. I was born and lived in London W1 until I was 9 for example and my first school was in Mayfair. That doesn’t mean to say I haven’t lived in Wuppertal Elberfeld Süd, The Uni Centre Cologne or Kassel Nordstadt. Please use my knowledge to the best of your ability and don’t lose this opportunity.

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